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Our territory is a part of the Gallura region, where the town of Badesi was born. Badesi was presumably formed in the eighteenth century by a family dedicated to animal husbandry. As time passed, the perfect climate attracted families and enriched the original tradition. Today, the town has more than 1,800 residents who are dedicated to traditional winemaking activities.

Our family business has been going on for four generations. It was born on the initiative of the great grandfather in the 1960s. Back then it consisted of eight hectares of vineyards and five hectares of arable land.

The wine used to be sold to private customers all over Sardinia .

Back in the days, Giovanni Antonio decreased the area of the vineyards by four hectares in order to exploit the subsoil with the extraction of white sand until 1998. His aim was to improve the wine trade as well as the economy of his country. After his death we have inherited the vineyards and started to recreate his brand . Meanwhile the bulk wine trade declined sharply, so we have decided to produce bottled wine and plant a variety of traditional grapes.

Therefore, Cantina Li Seddi was born in 2002 and is headquartered in Badesi. Our main interest is to give our customers the greatest experience by cultivating our land carefully and always finding ourselves searching for the greatest grape varieties. Our company is using the best winemaking techniques making not only us, but also our region proud that we are able to create wine.

The peculiarity of this small territory of Gallura is in the production of Vermentino di Gallura d.o.c.g which is made in sandy soils very close to the sea, creating the perfect

combination of taste and aroma.

The Mediterranean climate can be broadly characterized by warm to hot dry summers and mild winters. During winter and spring Mistral winds are hitting Badesi quite strong, though it occurs in all seasons.

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